Cleo for curves!

I was dying to get started on the new pattern by Tilly and The Buttons, so armed with my pattern and some red checked corduroy, I made my first one.

Cleo is a pinafore dress which would be a great addition to my wardrobe layered over jumpers or t-shirts. The sizing however was not about to fit my ample curves so I set about tweaking it to fit!

The first issue I have is that my apple shape is bigger at the front than the back so I couldn't just add on the extra needed in equal amounts. If I did that, the side seams would have ended up offset when I was wearing it. I also don't have a large bust, so I couldn't just add the extra along the centre seam either, otherwise the bib section would be too wide for my bust. For some ladies this may be fine, just measure across the bust apex (highpoint, not nipples!) and compare it to pattern, you may be able to enlarge it down the centre seam. If you need to enlarge the back as well, that can't be done down the centre because of the straps so you'll need to do what I did and enlarge under the arm.

I needed to add a couple of inches to the front piece and about 1" to the back (giving me 6" in total) so I cut the pattern from the armhole down to the hem at the point where the armhole curve levels out.


I then filled in the gap using dot and cross pattern paper, which I love 'cos it helps me get a straight line!

Repeat for the back piece. This time it's a narrower infill.


Next I had to alter the facing pieces to match up to the new body pieces. I cut the facing and moved it apart until it matched the body piece underneath,


then filled in the gap with paper, Repeat for back section.


There we go, didn't take long to do and as there are no darts or armholes to worry about this was a doddle to alter.


The pinafore itself is very quick to sew up. The instruction booklet is very clear and easy to follow so even a beginner would manage this dress easily. There's lots of topstitching to give it a professional finish so just take your time and keep it even. 

It's open to lots of variations with the pockets and straps and I've moved the slit to the back on my second one, no-one wants to see my legs when I sit down! 

I've even made cat version for my daughter!


I've now lined up a black denim and some purple corduroy for my next ones, that'll keep me busy for a while!

If you need any help with your Cleo, drop me a message and I'll see what I can do.